What Precautions Should Be Taken While Buying Gold Jewelry?

What precautions should be taken while purchasing gold jewelry? Gold is much valuable today. It is the most beneficial of all metals. Numerous individuals purchase gold as per the view of investing. Since it is the most valuable thing and should take precautions while buying gold and gold items like adornments, coins, gold bars, and different things. Pure gold is 24 carats.

However, the gold isn’t comprised of 24 carats because pure gold is flexible metal, and decorations can’t be made with adjustable gold. Subsequently, some copper is blended in with gold to prepare jewelry. For the most part, ornaments are comprised of 20-22 carat. 

In rural areas and even in the most urban regions, numerous individuals purchase gold ornaments during marriages and celebrations like Dipawali and so forth. For the most part, they have not total cash to buy gold and the purchase adornments with the goldsmith who dwells in a similar town. The goldsmith of the town blend more copper than that of hallmarked ornaments, yet they state to villagers that the adornment is of 24 carats, and the ignorant individuals don’t find out about the gold and the easy belief on the goldsmith.

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Also, subsequently, they get less and pay more that is they discover the gold of 18-20 carat yet they pay the cost for 20-22 carat. Henceforth while purchasing gold, anybody should play it safe. The safety measures during purchasing gold are as the following:-

The Dos of Buying Gold Jewellery

As a gold-adoring country, the mention of the yellow metal grabs our eye. Unfortunately, this frequently additionally distracts from doing the due ingenuity required to purchase gold jewelry. In a rush to buy gold at the best rates, it’s very typical to commit errors. Be that as it may, recalling the dos of purchasing gold jewelry can guarantee that you get the worth for your speculation.

1) Doing the basic research! 

This is a goliath investment that you will make, so, fundamentally, you do a lot of research before. Take a gander at the most recent designs in gold, the price drifts, the various stores, and new styles. Likewise, remember your fundamental goal behind purchasing gold – if it’s for investment purposes just, gold coins or bars are better; if it’s for embellishments, proceed to overdo it!

2) Know the Basics

Since you understand you have to check for a BIS hallmark, how might you approach getting it? Any adornments with a hallmark go with a specific number regularly engraved with the BIS stamp. It is like manner carries the time of hallmark and an imprint to distinguish the jeweler. 

To find out what the caratage is, see the letter “K.” This shows karat or the level of virtue. For example, if you buy 22kt gold rings, they contain 91.6 % pure gold. You will often find 916 engraved in decorations featuring this caratage. Every karat gold is equal to 4.2 per cent pure gold, which in essence means that 14 and 18 karat contains only 58.33% and 75% pure gold, respectively. Stone-studded jewelry and white gold and rose gold adornments regularly come in 18kt gold, including 75% pure gold.

3) Check for purity: 

At the point when you purchase gold adornments, you ought to consistently check for their purity. So the initial step is to check for the purity of gold used to cause the jewelry you have your eyes on. 

The most accessible approach to check for purity is to search for hallmarking. How would you read the hallmark? A hallmarked bit of jewelry reveals to you the official proportion of the metal. The Bureau of Nepal Standards is the association responsible for keeping up the nature of gold. They have authorized a few laboratories to test and hallmark the adornment. You ensure this stamping you are going to buy.

It is wiser to go to standard jewelers just to buy the gold. In some shops, you will discover some testing equipment for testing; you can observe testing there. Notwithstanding hallmarking, a few shops will have 916 k checking too. Ensure this before you buy it.

These trademark signs are The Bureau of Nepal Standards logo, karatage or evaluation of purity, the jeweler’s identification or logo, year of marking, the hallmarking center’s imprint. These five signs should be embossed onto the gold jewelry as this symbolizes it is hallmarked and is up to standard. 

The purity of gold is always measured in karats. To comprehend the caratage, search for the letter ‘K,’ which represents karat and indicates the level of purity. For instance, 24 karat implies 99.99% pure gold. In any case, adornments are typically not made in 24 karat gold. It is blended in with different metals to give it that solid and durable form. 23 karat or 95.8% gold is the most perfect with regards to gold adornments.

On the off chance that it says 22K, it implies 91.6% purity (level of gold substance) or 916. The Bureau Of Nepal Standards is the main approved office to give the hallmark of purity of gold. Similarly, 18k gold 18 parts of gold, while the remaining 6 parts are made up of other metals, making it 75% gold. Explore the gold you like and the various prices depending on standards of purity. 

You can check purity by:

A) Get a magnetic test done: 

Typically this is one of the most convenient methods in some cases while you attempt to test your gold. Gold is a non-magnetic substance, so it won’t be attracted towards a magnet when you bring it close to a draw. So if your gold contains some of the magnetic impurities, it will be easily attracted towards the gold. You can make a better judgment with this test too.

The Higher the Price, The Better The Gold? Gold rates fluctuate every day. Other than the fundamental cost of the metal, while buying a few gold adornments, a making cost (running from 6% to 40%) is charged to the purchasers that increases the price of the item. In this manner, costly jewelry doesn’t mean better gems. Indeed, it has a ton to do with the intricacy of the design and the brand name as well. Additionally, checking the weight is obligatory when there are gemstones added to the piece!

5) Cross checks the pricing: 

As significant as checking the hallmarking is cross-checking the price. Gold pricing is determined dependent on the immaculateness of gold. The cost of gold changes each day, dependent on the prevailing market rate. All jewelry stores display the regular bullion rates for the buyers. To give you a feeling of how the cost is determined, you should initially take a gander at the bullion cost, and afterward, the discount is dependent on the purity of gold. Let us state, the price of 10g gold is 25,854 at the bullion rate. The cost of 22K gold (91.6% purity) will be around 23,682. 

While bigger jewelry shops show bullion rates conspicuously, the littler shops don’t. In this manner, consistently check costs before visiting the shop.

6) Check the Gold Price Per Gram

Generally check the per gram cost of gold ahead of your buy. 

The means of arriving at it differ from city to city and are chosen by different associations of gold jewelers. Nevertheless, the greatest jewelers quite often sell at a similar rate. 

One way to ensure that the cost of gold is accurate per gram is by checking in more than one well-known showroom or by testing prices on reputable websites before procurement. 

Check for buyback terms on gold jewelry. 

Most top gold jewelers nowadays guarantee to buy back gold at the prevailing rate should you decide to go down this course. 

While this implies you won’t be made up for the wastage that you paid for or the gold making charges, it implies you, at any rate, has a confirmation to fall back on. 

Additionally, check and see what your gold jeweler is eager to offer you if you somehow happened to return the gold adornments sometime in the future and wish to exchange them for a more intricate contemporary design. 

Likewise, check if there is an exchange and buyback period and strategy and that you know about it. This will guarantee that you can return your gold ornament if you have any justification for the complaint.

8) Check the exact amount of gold you are buying

The pricing composition of gold adornments usually is convoluted. 

On the per gram price, a purchaser needs to pay for wastage (which changes from ornament to ornament and the component of ascertaining which just the gold jeweler knows). Also, there are making charges as well, in specific examples. When you choose a piece, gold making charges or a level of wastage disappears from the evaluating graph, yet that hasn’t disentangled the picture for you, has it? 

A superior method for improving everything would discover how much gold you get close by at the cost you are paying. 

For instance, if the final cost is Rs 30,000 for a 10 gm gold chain – you have paid Rs 3000 for each gram. Check the actual per gram rate on the day and perceive the amount you must pay. Then, if your heart is still in the deal, post this computation. At precisely that point, you can proceed.

9) Negotiate to make changes: 

Another significant step while purchasing gold jewelry is to negotiate the making charges. Jewelry includes work costs, and all jewelers give this expense to the purchasers to make changes. The making charge differs as it’s commonly a percentage of the present gold cost. Thus, contingent upon the gold coast, the sum you pay for making a charge can differ. You have all the rights to deal to get the best cost on your choice of jewelry. 

By and large, machine-made jewelry or jewelry with little work of art will accompany lower making charges and ranges somewhere in the field of 6% and 14% of the cost of gold. In addition, a few jewelers offer fixed making charges on the acquisition of adornments in bulk. 

On the off chance that a bit of adornment has an intricate design, the making charges are higher and can go up to 25% of the cost of gold. However, you can generally deal with making charges as these costs are unorganized.

10) Find a top and best jewelry:

Nepal has lots of jewelry stores, tiny and huge, catering to its populace. The notoriety of jewelers assumes a significant role when purchasing gold adornments. There are fewer possibilities for jewelers to cheat as there are even machines to check for the purity of gold, and notoriety is significant for doing further business.

Try not to be reluctant to approach a potential jeweler for our credentials and proof of certification. Pick a jeweler that offers an assortment of services, for example, resizing and custom design. On the off chance that it’s a significant buy, don’t purchase at the first store you visit. Search for similar pieces or designs at different stores so you have a price comparison.

A small jeweler might not have offices and machines to check the purity of the jewelry, and there are opportunities to get duped. In any case, it may not be pertinent to every small jeweler.

11) Ask about Gold jewelry’s warranty and repairs

 Generally, the best trustworthy jewelers offer warranties and some form of return policy. Make sure to get some information about this before your purchase. The reputable jeweler will ensure the nature of the entirety of our gold jewelry items. If anything is deficient after getting the jewelry accessory, or if the jewelry product ought to fail in any case, they will supplant it or fix it liberated from cost inside one year.  

Warranties will add to the cost yet might be a smart thought for an expensive piece or one that is made of profoundly pure gold due to the risk of damage. Try to get some information about this before your purchase.

Refuse to accept old or inferior certificates of authenticity

At the point when you converse with a dealer or retailer, consistently demand certificates of authenticity for any jeweler. 

Hope to ensure that the lab confirmation is from a trusted source. The genuine confirmation affirms the geographic origin, grade, and quality of stones after the institute has decided a thing’s gemological identity, alterations, and origin.  

It’s additionally fundamental that certification papers are current. Two years old? Fine. Ten years old? Not satisfactory. 

You shouldn’t believe it if you go to a dealer and want to sell you a ruby or a sapphire and show you a certificate that is from 2008.

The Don’ts of Buying Gold Jewellery

Since you know the dos, remember the don’ts too to get the best bang for your money. Here are only a few things you should consider: 

1) Avoid stone-studded jewelry: 

Gold will be sold on weight premises. The ornament you have chosen will be gauged and charged according to the weight. Do you discover jewelry studded with valuable or semi-valuable stones prettier than a basic gold piece? At that point, you should realize that you are paying more than it is worth. Attempt to keep them as least as could reasonably be expected, with the goal that your loss will be minimum there.

A few shops remove the weight of these things and charge independently for that. In any case, it’s impossible to know the correct weight of these stones. As a result, the vendors charge more wastage for ornaments with stones. 

In addition to the above three hints, you guarantee correct receipt with an assurance card for the item. Try not to exchange gold s as often as possible. You will lose on wastage and making charges. Try not to go for obscure shops.

First, stone-studded jewelry is hard to check the purity of the stones embedded in the gold. Next, you ought to consistently check the specific net gold weight before purchasing the stone-studded jewelry. Finally, studded jewelry likewise causes additionally making charges as their intricate designs and patterns are labor-intensive.  

You would prefer not to get cheated while purchasing gold. Thus, consistently request the breakup for the net gold and the stones. For example, if a piece of jewelry weighs 30gm, out of which 3gm is stone, you should think about it and afterward pay in like manner. 

Likewise, since adornments studded with stones require intricate patterns and designs, you may need to pay more as making charges. 

When you need to sell the jewelry, you should forego both the cost of the semi-valuable stones and the making charges.

2) Avoid selling to other jewelers: 

Although you may never need to sell the jewelry you purchased for yourself or have as a blessing, it is reasonable to realize its resale value. For some occurrence, we additionally have this propensity for purchasing new adornments by exchanging old ones. 

This can be helpful if you need to exchange a piece for a superior design or sell it if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. Just as local ones, most branded stores have a buyback policy where they will give you 100% of the estimation of gold. Furthermore, it is better to return to the store from where you purchased the jewelry. Here also, you should relinquish the making charges and different costs attached to it.

3) Don’t buy jewelry without bills: 

Purchasing jewelry isn’t a simple errand. You need to pay taxes, and on the off chance that you acquire over 50000, you may even need to share your PAN subtleties. As a result, numerous individuals purchase jewelry without a bill from the store.

This can land you in a challenging situation. Continuously, we rehash it, generally ask for a bill. Make sure you keep the retail receipt of the bought gold jewelry cautiously. It should specify the making charges, the cost of gold, the karatage, BIS hallmark subtleties, and so on. 

Additionally, find the subtleties on buyback offers and the resale estimation of this piece. A few jewelers give back 80-90% of the initial estimation of gold, some even less, in the wake of subtracting the making charges. Having this receipt will keep you in a superior situation for negotiation later.

4) Don’t hesitate to bargain

The rate of gold is standard. It will be changing on an everyday premise. In any case, all shops will have a similar rate on a specific day. So you can’t bargain on the cost of gold. Be that as it may, jewelers include wastage and making charges. Making changes will be commonly around 25 to 30 rupees for each gram. Wastage will be about 8% to 10%.

Many states that there are no making charges; however, they will charge 13% to 18% on gold as wastage. Here you have scope to deal. Basing on the estimation of the ornament, they can diminish up to 2 – 3 % wastage. In any case, those individuals won’t lose any gold; they know the recuperation method. However, it is a profit for them. So don’t stop for a second to bargain.

  1. Buying From The First Shop You Find

 Various shops have diverse making charges, designs, return and exchange deals, as it’s essential to visit a couple of shops in multiple areas to ensure you get the best of the lot. Gold costs contrast from day today. So scan altogether and afterward accept a call. On the off chance that conceivable, shop during off times of the year for best rates.

  1. Converting Old Jewellery Into New

Converting technically implies melting the old gold jewelry piece to make something new. However, this is dubious, as you can end up losing a ton of cash. In addition, the goldsmith may give you lesser worth per gram for the gold, and the whole melting process prompts squandering a couple of grams as well. What’s more, you may likewise lose cash on the making charges that you had paid when you had purchased the jewelry initially.

  1. Improperly Cleaning Jewellery At Home

Be prepared to clean the jewelry properly. These precious fineries deserve to be handled well. Do not try copying any Internet hacks without doing proper research. Certain things might work in the opposite direction. Get a professional cleaner to do the job. Store your pieces well, and make sure not to wear them daily either.

Precautions are to be taken When Shopping Online 

The following precautions are to be taken

• Before you purchase, do some research to ensure a company is honest or shop with companies you know. You may check a store’s reputation by entering the outlet’s name and the word “complaints” in a web index. 

• Get the details regarding the item, just as the merchant’s refund and return policies, before you purchase. 

• Look for a road address or telephone number on the off chance you have an inquiry or issue. Then, call the number to test it. For example, you might need to know whether the seller is in another nation. 

• See whether the site shows its contact data transparently or prompts us to send an email. Reconsider if the site shows just the email ID as their contract choice. For example, a reputed and authentic jewelry seller gives address subtleties and phone numbers and a chat option alongside the email ID with the goal that you can reach them whenever. As a result, successful sellers consistently feel glad to be contacted by their clients.

  •            Product dimensions 
  • The image of the product shows complete subtleties of how a product will resemble. Be that as it may, huge numbers of us fail to think about how small or huge the item will look when delivered. Consequently, don’t play the guessing game – you may wind up baffled if you’ve kept higher expectations. It is, in this manner, better to check the product dimensions and decide the search without a doubt. Many reputed jewelry platforms give exact product dimensions (height and width) in millimeters (mm), so you can accurately figure out the dimensions of your coveted design. Some jewelry platforms even provide a comparison tool that permits you to compare the product with several regularly used items. In any case, the ideal approach to precisely pass judgment on your product dimensions is to know its actual dimensions. Try not to be deluded by approximations and speculating work. It might cost you beyond all doubt.
  • Check for SSL Certificate: 

If the website you are willing to buy has an SSL certification, then the URL bar shows’ https: //’ instead of ‘http: //.’

  • Packaging should be perfect.

It is very important in purchases made online. Make sure to check the packaging of your product when you receive it. It should be sealed completely and in no way appears to be tampered with or damaged. If you have any concerns about the packaging, don’t approve the product. 

 Also, check for the delivery costs before making your purchases. While most online retailers are selling gold offer free shipping, it is best to test the same beforehand to avoid last-minute heart burning. 

After Purchasing gold jewelry

Taking care of your gold

At the point when you have purchased your gold, it doesn’t stop there. So on the off chance that you don’t take significant consideration of your jewelry after purchasing, you should set money on fire… somewhat emotional; however, hold on for us.

The dos and don’ts of gold usage

  • For high-karat gold, use things less frequently. Gold, particularly pure gold, maybe important however is soft and easily damaged. 
  • Remove your adornments before washing, swimming, gardening, and cleaning. Harmful chemicals found in cleansers and detergents can wear off the gold, mainly if the product is gold plated. Unintentional stress like friction from wringing and brushing can, without much stretch, damage the gold.
  • Avoid wearing gold things to pools and seashores. Aside from the high saturation of chlorine or salt, the last thing you need is losing a tiny piece of metal in a vast body of water. 
  • Finally, guarantee proper storage. It very well may be done through the accompanying: 
  • When not being used, store your gold jewelry in isolated boxes or separate compartments in a container. 
  • If such storage isn’t available, envelop them in individual pieces of clothing to shield each piece of gold jewelry from scratching each other, particularly on the off chance that you have a jewel in the parcel. 
  • For gold chains, store them in boxes where they don’t go head to head with other jewelry or with themselves. Tied gold chains are a torment to unravel, and now and then, doing so may break them. On the off chance that you don’t have a custom box for loose necklaces and bracelets, store them in a way where you can hang them. 

Always remember, gold is more than just an ornament or a fashion statement. Gold is as good as money, with costs consistently on the rise, and for the foreseeable future, this won’t change.


With a bit of patience and a lot of planning, indulge in your love of gold. Holding these dos and don’ts in mind of purchasing gold jewelry will ensure that you get the most out of your investment now and every time. 

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