16 Things To Consider When To Buy Camera in 2020 | Camera Buying Guide

Camera buying guide 2020: – The camera is a set of tools or equipment that serves to capture an object into a still or moving image. Over time, there are many types of cameras that are made to meet a variety of needs.

Today’s cameras are combined with elements sensitive (films or sensors) to the visible spectrum. Or other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and their main use is to capture the image that is in the visual field.

The cameras consist of a closed dark chamber, with an opening at one end for light to enter, and a flat image-forming or viewing surface to capture light at the other end.

Most cameras have a lens located in front of the camera aperture to control incoming light and to focus on the image, or part of the image. The diameter of this aperture is usually changed with a diaphragm, although some lenses have a fixed aperture.

While the aperture and brightness of the scene control the amount of light entering per unit of time, into the camera during the photographic process. The shutter controls the amount of time light falls on the recording surface.

For example, in low light situations, the shutter speed will be lower (longer open time) to allow the film to receive the amount of light necessary to ensure correct exposure.

Types of camera

Before buying a new camera or even getting to know the camera you have at home, it is important to know the difference between the various types of cameras. These are the most common:

  1. Point-and-shoot

These are the famous compact automatic cameras. It is the most common type, compact, and with limited manual resources. They are usually small, and in recent years, they have had fewer and fewer buttons, focusing more on the size of the camera’s viewfinder.

The flash of these cameras is built-in, as well as the lens, which cannot be changed. The name point and shoot camera the spirit of these cameras, which focus and calibrate the light without the photographer having to worry about these details.

Several of these cameras also record videos. It eliminates manual requirements such as adjusting shutter speed, aperture, focus, and ISO. This camera usually has an internal flash and also a system that allows the photographer to choose a lighting system that suits different conditions.

This type of device is perfect for beginners in the field of photography, which is why this camera is completely automated. It doesn’t have many buttons, so it allows you to use it without manually setting the camera like a DSLR camera or similar.

This camera usually uses the touchscreen feature which makes the camera easier to use.

  1. Bridge / Superzoom

This camera is called a bridge because it bridges pocket camera users to get features and better quality approaching DSLR cameras. The bridge camera is equipped with DSLR-like settings and can also be used automatically like a pocket camera in general.

With its affordable price and compact body, this type of camera is perfect for those of you who want to switch from a pocket camera to a semi-professional camera.

They are automatic compact, but usually, have larger lenses and give the photographer a little more freedom. Unfortunately, like automatic compacts, they have a slight delay in taking the picture. Although they are a little different from the common compact, these cameras are not cheap.

  1. DSLRs

This acronym stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which basically means that this camera has a mechanism with mirrors that allow the photographer to see through the lens of the camera.

DSLRs work like film cameras, only they are digital. DSLR cameras have a large and thick display. This large body makes the camera more sturdy when held. Also when installed with a large lens, a large DSLR body makes a good balance with the weight and size of the lens.

Their lenses can be changed, and the photographer has greater control over the images he takes. In this type of camera, the photo is taken instantly, without any delay, as in point-and-shoot.

Some new cameras of this type shoot high definition videos with excellent results, due to the camera lens. Despite the good quality, these cameras cannot be considered a substitute for traditional video cameras, as they do not have an adequate autofocus setting.

These are the cameras used by professional photographers and most people with an interest in photography, as it allows greater manual control over the quality and characteristics of the photo.

For this reason, DSLRs are much more expensive than point-and-shoot but are getting cheaper.

  1. Micro Four Thirds Cameras / Digital Focuser

This type of camera has interchangeable lenses but does not have the DSLR system, which means that the photographer sees the image through the camera screen, and not through the direct viewfinder.

They have similarities to DSLRs but use the same viewfinder system as point-and-shoot. They are smaller than DSLRs but promise more versatility and quality to images than ordinary compact ones.

Most of these cameras record videos with good quality and simplicity. Some cameras of this type have the appearance of DSLRs, and others have the face of common compacts.

So it is good to keep an eye when buying a camera, not to take one thing thinking that it is another. This category of cameras still has few types, and are more expensive than other cameras. The only brands that have these cameras are Panasonic and Olympus.

  1. Mirrorless

As the name implies, it does not have a mirror or pentaprism. So the light will pass through the lens and directly to the sensor which then displays an image preview on the LCD screen or on the electronic viewfinder (EVF).

Mirrorless cameras have smaller bodies than DSLR cameras. The compact body shape provides benefits for users who prioritize mobility with a lighter camera size.

nikon mirrorless camera
Nikon mirrorless camera

The settings button on the mirrorless camera is also simpler compared to a DSLR camera. Mirrorless cameras are a favorite choice for novice photographers.

  1. Film or Analog Cameras

Despite their age, film cameras are on the rise again and are popular with young people. This type of camera is favored because of the unique photos and gives a vintage impression.

This camera uses film rolls to take pictures. The 135 (35mm, full-frame) film camera is the most commonly used and has a smaller body size than other film cameras. 135 film cameras have several types, such as rangefinders, compact cameras, and SLRs.

  1. Instant/Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are preferred by many people because they can print newly captured photos directly. Obviously this feature you can’t get on a digital camera.

Just like film cameras, polaroid also relies on film. The difference is that film cameras use film in the form of rolls, while polaroid uses film in the shape of boxes.

  1. Action Camera

The action camera is a camera that is often used to support activities outside the room. Usually, this camera is more resistant to extreme environments and can be taken diving in the water.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere you are traveling. One of the most popular is the GoPro action camera.

  1. Camera 360

As the name suggests, a 360-degree camera is capable of taking photos that have a lot of POI ( point of interest ). This camera is equipped with 36 lenses, even capable of producing photos with a maximum total resolution at 108 MP.

This type of camera is suitable for taking pictures of natural scenery, the atmosphere of the room, and other situational photos.

  1. Medium Format

Medium Format Camera is a camera that usually uses roll film. The size of the film format on this camera is determined by the length of the photo recorded on the camera.

In general, the film format in medium format cameras starts from the film format 4,5X6, 6X6, 6X7, 6X8, 6X9, or there is also a panoramic camera with formats up to 6X17.

The advantage of this medium format camera is the quality of the photos that can be printed in large sizes. So most of these cameras are used for commercial or reproductive purposes such as photos for advertising on posters, billboards, and others.

  1. Underwater Camera

This is a camera with unique features. As the name implies, this type of camera functions to record activities under the sea. Usually, it has exceptional resistance in water depths, even able to withstand low temperatures.

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Benefits of owning a camera

Camera, now it has become mandatory. Today the camera is directly embedded in the smartphone and iPhone as well. With any camera, you can aim at the object that you want to capture and click.

The process is easy and the result is miraculous to be there as a symbol of your beautiful memory. Thanks to this convenience, the camera is very loved today no matter the type and variance. Take a look at the benefits of the camera in your everyday life:

  1. Capture the beauty of Natural scenery and animals

Nature and animals are common objects targeted by connoisseurs of photographs. Beautiful scenery certainly cannot be missed by the eye of the camera.

With the right shots, this great result is perfect for decorating walls at home. Animals are also the same. The owners of cute and exotic animals cannot resist sharing the beauty of their pets on social media. Snap and share …

  1. Take a note

If you get a small note and are lazy to copy it, just take a picture. Click, snap, and the results are stored in memory. When you want to see it, just search for it. Or, when presented with a small document, just snap. The results can be used later when needed.

  1. Make money

A slick shot can be entered into one of the sites that cool photos. Take Shutterstock. If you are good at photography, you can put your shots here and it’s good that we can get money.

When someone downloads or buys our photos, the balance will increase by a certain amount. The more people buy, the more fat the income.

  1. Make a youtube video

YouTube is the application where we watch billions of videos with a variety of titles and themes. The camera that you own can be used for this. Make videos, edit well, and upload. Fair income can be obtained if you already have a lot of subscribers and views. The results can be amazing, some even generate billions of a month just by making videos.

  1. Make a memento

Photos with family are necessary, the results can be printed and displayed at home. When we look again, we are certainly drawn to the experience of that era.

The shots that were taken remind us of all the activities that have been carried out there, what interesting things have been experienced. Photos give a million words.

  1. Stress medicine

Maybe you who are stressed or depressed can try to take a photo with your camera. You can take pictures of everything around you, or maybe you can also take time off and go to nature to photograph the beauty of God’s creation.

Try to focus and try to take the best pictures, this will help your brain to relax for a moment and get rid of the stress that you experience.

  1. More Thankful

One of the spiritual values that we can get by taking pictures with your owned camera is that we become more grateful people than ever before. As we pursue this hobby, we will surely take pictures of many things, ranging from nature to the daily social life of the people.

That way we come to know the world more, and it will make us even more grateful. We become more aware if God’s creation is perfect and beautiful.

  1. Open your eyes and mind

With using a camera your eyes and mind will be more open. You will more see the conditions around you and also our natural conditions.

Your mind will also be more open than before, you can begin to see aspects of life in several aspects and perspectives as to when you try to photograph an object. Surely our life will also be more positive.

  1. Make You Happier

Just snap there, snap here, but who would have thought? This simple-looking hobby actually brings happiness to some people. If you try it, you will focus on the camera and objects and make your problems a little forgotten. You feel happier by doing photography.

  1. Learn Many Things

In addition to taking beautiful pictures and making the memory, you will also learn many things. Starting from the type of camera, or places to get cool objects angles when shooting, and much more. Surely that will add to your insight. You will learn about various things from photography.

  1. Become More Confident

Maybe you will often upload the results of your shots to social media and will surely get appreciation and positive responses from others. It will make you feel more confident and sure if what you do is good and positive.

  1. Keep you from disease

You can photograph acne every week, and while treating it you can see the changes. Is the medicine you use effective, or acne has become more severe, so you can take other actions?

Routine photographing freckles or moles can also reduce the risk of tumors because you can monitor changes in the shape of spots on your skin.

  1. Help a diet program

If you are on a diet, taking an overall self-portrait every week can help the success of your diet program. You will see the changes that occur, So it is more enthusiastic to go on a diet.

You can also take pictures of the food you eat as input or notes on a diet program. Who knows from the photo that you find a pattern that is good to continue, or even must be abandoned.

Things to know before buying a new camera

Purchasing the latest camera may be a dream for many people, especially for those who like photography. Especially if the camera is one’s own and not a loan from someone else.

Certainly, you will be freer to use it and not be upset if anything happens to the camera. But sometimes, many of the beginner photographers do not pay attention to a few things before buying a camera.

So sometimes after the camera is successfully purchased there are deficiencies that can not be overcome. And mostly, many of the beginner photographers do not pay attention to the purpose he bought the camera and the suitability of the camera lens in the photography activities undertaken.

Certainly, it is not suitable if you buy an underwater camera to do wedding photography. Indeed, all cameras have the same function only different abilities. Starting from the ability of sensors, lenses, and other important features.

Currently, the best-selling camera on the market is a hybrid camera or Mirrorless camera with a compact system. This camera has an intelligent sensor that allows photographers to get the highest quality images.

There are also several variants of DSLR cameras with higher prices, of course. The advantage of this DSLR camera is that you can replace the lens according to your needs.

Now before buying a camera, it is better for you to pay attention to a few things below so you are not mistaken. Such as:

  1. Camera sensor

All cameras basically have the same function which is to convert light into photos that can be printed on special paper. If you have knowledge about this camera sensor then you can know which camera sensor is suitable for your intended purpose of buying a camera.

In general, there are two main sensor sizes for Hybrid cameras namely Micro Four Thirds and APS-C. If you buy a micro four-thirds sensor it fits below everywhere because of its portability but sometimes the resulting image quality is not very good.

Meanwhile, the APS-C sensor has a larger size so it is not effective enough under any direction but the image looks better even if you are shooting in low lighting conditions. Likewise a matter of size.

It is a good idea to consider the size of the image in megapixels or the number of pixels captured by the camera sensor. In general, most of the latest camera variants are equipped with 14-24 Megapixel sensors. Some of them may be higher or less.

If you want to buy a camera with a size more than the number above, make sure that the camera is equipped with a large MicroSD support. Because the larger the camera sensor captures light, the greater the size of the image produced, and thus the more memory needed.

Likewise, when you will print it, even though using a standard size, the image or photo quality is maintained.

  1. Pay attention to the lens

One of the most important selling points of a camera is the lens. On average, cameras with the latest variants such as DSLRs make it possible for photographers to replace lenses as needed.

That is, in addition to standard lenses, photographers can also buy additional lenses that can be adjusted to the purpose of carrying out photography activities.

For example, if the photographer wants to shoot macro then he can replace the lens that previously used a portrait lens or lens for wedding photography. And also make sure you know what lenses are compatible with your camera before buying it.

  1. Manual control

Most cameras are set in default settings after purchase. And for professional photographers, they prefer to do manual settings rather than automatically.

In other words, the camera that you will buy can be adjusted manually for lighting, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, and so on. And if you want quick changes while adjusting to existing conditions, you have the flexibility to set it either automatically or default.

Also, it’s good that the camera allows you to make adjustments using the manual focus ring found on the lens.

  1. LCD screen

There are some cameras that do not include this LCD screen or also called the viewfinder. In fact, the LCD feature is quite important for a photographer.

Indeed, on average the latest cameras are equipped with LCDs but usually with OLED screens, which tend to be thinner but quite bright when viewed outdoors.

There are also some cameras, like Sony which have two LCD screens. One measuring 3 inches that can be tilted and the other OLED screen located at eye level.

Some other products such as the Panasonic Lumix have a 3 inch LCD touch screen that allows you to stay focused on taking pictures with the viewfinder. This screen can also be set 180 degrees so that it helps photographers be more flexible in photographing objects.

  1. Price

After considering the four things above then you can then consider the price. Choose a price that is not too expensive. It’s legitimate if you buy a used camera that belongs to a friend or someone else.

But it’s good you buy a new camera. For your own price, please adjust to your pocket. The more expensive a camera is sold, of course, the higher the quality. But remember, adjust to your goal of buying a camera.

If used for business, you can buy the latest camera with the best features. If the goal is to buy a camera for personal use, just buy a camera with standard features but with qualified quality.

Tips for you when you opt to buy the used camera

With the high prices of new cameras, an alternative that has been part of the choice of many people is to purchase used products at an affordable price.

In this case, buying a used camera requires attention to some details before closing a deal, as we don’t always know if the seller is acting in good faith. So here are some tips and precautions that you need to follow before buying the used camera.

  1. Observe how the lens came

It is often the most expensive and vital part of any camera body, so it is necessary to carefully observe the condition of the lens. At first, glance, see if there are any signs of falling, denting, or scratching the glass.

A very common problem is the presence of fungi inside, the ideal is to analyze it in a well-lit environment because if there is any, it will be possible to see through the lens glass.

As for operation, attach the lens to the camera body and see if it fits perfectly, if yes, turn on the camera and test the zoom and manual and automatic focus. Take a few pictures and see if there are any stains in the image. If after doing all this, we can consider that the lens is ok.

  1. Physical issues of camera

The seller may even try to deceive that there has never been a fall, but we will see this when we look for signs of a fall. You need to analyze each edge and end of the camera to see if there are any marks, as the fall can often be harmful to the inside.

The time of use of the camera can be measured by the physical expense of its accessories. Such as the strap that hangs around the neck, if it has never been changed, it will denounce how much has been used. Or a worn button. This does not mean a problem of functionality, but rather, time of use.

  1. Click count and Shutter life

This is the part that will denounce how much the camera has worked. We agree that this does not mean that the camera is old or new, as there are cases where a newer camera has already photographed much more than an older one kept in the closet.

This point is important because, after a certain number of clicks, the camera will stop working, although we do not know exactly the amount for this, there is an average of some models.

  1. Image sensor

Photo capture is done by the sensor, so it is necessary to check its status. The first thing is to take a photo with the aperture tightly closed, and very blurred from a uniform surface.

When you open the photo on the computer and see if there are spots of dirt or stains on the photo. Once this is done, check the sensor itself, to do this, simply unhook the lens.

And look at the sensor and see if there are any damaged parts if there are any scratches, any permanent marks.

  1. LCD screen and physical buttons

The LCD screen is essential to quickly observe what was captured, so a camera with a bad LCD can bring irrecoverable damage because moments do not go back.

Turn on the LCD and check that there are no blurred, broken, or black-stained parts. If the model is a touchscreen, test all points on the screen to make sure there are no blind spots with dead pixels. If you are not touch-sensitive, test all the buttons and see if they are working properly.

  1. Entries

Cameras usually have a microphone, battery, memory card, micro USB inputs, among others. It is important to open all of these slots and check that they are all working. Because if the device has come into contact with water, there is a possibility that it has oxidized or stopped working.

Things that you need to consider before buying new or used camera

If you are interested in photography and want to pursue the career you need a camera but according to your budget and need. So whether you are buying the new one or the used one, you need to take into consideration the following common things:

  1. Need or desire

There are some people who buy cameras without really knowing whether they are buying it because they really need it, or if they just want to have a camera. It does not matter if you buy just because of a desire or need, it’s your right.

But if you realize you are buying a camera that you want or need, it will affect the next step you will take. If you buy just because you want to, most people will just look at it from the outside of the camera.

But if you really need it, you will calculate everything based on your needs. For example, you need a camera for your work, of course, all cameras that if it does not support your work, will be removed from your list.

  1. Price and Budget

Price and budget are two things that are very related, you want a camera with a certain price, but the budget is insufficient certainly a hassle. If you have an unlimited budget, of course, the price will never be a problem.

It’s different if your budget is limited, then we can determine the price range of the camera according to your budget. All cameras that are out of budget should automatically be eliminated from the purchase list.

But if you are already desperate or really want a camera at a price outside of your budget. Then there is no choice but to hold back and save money until your budget is met for the targeted camera. Or you can buy the used camera at an affordable price.

  1. The purpose of buying a camera

Later when you already have a camera, where will you take it with you? What kind of object will you photograph? Or what kind of event would you take a photo of?

Is the camera model very important for your style or not? All of these questions and similar questions that you might be able to think about, the answer must be known.

If your goal is to buy a camera for traveling, do not buy a camera with a large size and weight that reaches almost a kilo. Traveling while carrying heavy luggage will certainly be a difficult thing.

  1. The resulting image quality

Do you care about image quality? If so, the next question is whether you will show off your photos? If you plan to print large and displayed pictures, then choose the camera with the highest quality you can buy.

But if you only want to upload on Instagram, Facebook, then the latest digital pocket cameras and even smartphones are now sufficient. Remember also the discussion about the size of the megapixels on the camera, how the image quality is usually directly proportional to the size of the camera sensor.

And ironically the size of the camera sensor is equally proportional to the price of the camera, the more expensive the camera is usually the better the quality.

  1. Camera connectivity

Are you a social-mediaholic, everywhere photos are uploaded, your account is here reaching all the social media in the world. Every minute a selfie, groupie, or whatever it’s called, is then uploaded.

If you are a typical person like this, then camera connectivity is an important thing to consider.

In this modern era, on average the latest cameras already support the wifi feature, with this feature you can directly copy photos from the camera to your smartphone, then directly upload them to social media. Look for a camera that supports or has this feature.

  1. Change the lens or not

Freedom to replace the lens is also worth your consideration, by changing the lens you can choose the best lens for your camera, with different purposes of use of course.

Ranging from wide lenses available on the market, from lenses that can shoot ants to fill the frame, to lenses that can photograph blackheads on a friend’s nose are available.

But remember when you buy a camera that can change lenses, it means you also buy a camera brand system. Because cameras with certain brands can not install lenses from other brands, except using adapters that are usually also not optimal.

If you don’t want to bother with lenses of all kinds, choose a pocket camera or smartphone at the same time.

  1. Brand

By brand means the ease of getting your camera products on the market, the ease of getting camera support accessories, reliable technical support.

And service centers that you can easily reach, as well as a capable camera system in terms of a wide selection of lenses, or affordable external flash. Don’t forget the guaranteed camera warranty, is it only a shop, distributor or international warranty.

Specifically regarding external lenses and flash, usually third-party manufacturers such as Sigma, Tamron or Tokina only provide lenses and accessories for Canon and Nikon, as well as some for Sony.

  1. Community

Community means what kind of camera do your average friends use? The advantage is that if you use a camera that is similar to that of your friends, you can easily learn how to operate the camera, of course, because there are people who can guide you.

Another advantage is being able to borrow the same brand lens or support with the camera you have.

Which one to buy a new camera or used camera?

We often tend to ask others or ourself whether it is better to buy the new camera or using a camera.  Is it better to buy a used camera but relatively new, or a new camera but it’s been two years on the market?

A concrete example: Is the Canon 700D or 600D better? Answering questions like this is certainly not easy. But technically, certainly, a new camera like 700D is better than 600D.

For example, the 700D screen has a touchscreen, the autofocus system is better and faster performance.

But before buying a used camera, of course, we need to pay attention to the history of the camera, for example, who sells it? What is the camera used for? If used for work or documentary photography, wildlife, sports, the likelihood of use is quite high.

Then we also have the right to ask how many times the camera has been clicked? For Canon DSLR cameras, we can usually check the shutter count by uploading photos to the camera shutter count site or using the EOS Info software (Canon only), but mirrorless doesn’t seem like it can.

Usually, beginner cameras have a guaranteed shutter mechanism durability of around 50 thousand times, a more sophisticated camera can be 100 thousand and for professional cameras 150-200k or more.

Furthermore, you may also ask whether there are any damages such as falling marks, immersed in water, are all camera functions and buttons in good condition?

The last thing that needs to be checked is whether there is a guarantee if after it is found to be damaged? What does it look like and how long is the guarantee? If it is over, the camera distributor is official or not.

After checking everything, if there really isn’t a problem with the camera, it is better to buy a used camera but a new generation (700D). But if we are worried that the used camera will break down quickly, and don’t want to be bothered.

And feel to buy a new camera but the old output is quite good, you may choose to buy a new camera even though it’s been a few years on the market (600D).  

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