18 Things Must Consider Before Buying An Electric Toothbrush Holder

What to consider before buying electric toothbrush holder? :- An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that makes quick, automatic movements of its bristles or the back and forth oscillation of the oscillatory rotation. The brush head alternates the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation to clean your teeth. Oscillating models are more common, even though these brushes are often called rotating brushes.

An engine makes movements at sonic speeds or below. In the case of brushes, ultrasonic teeth movements are produced by a crystal piezoelectric. A modern electric toothbrush available in the market is usually powered by a rechargeable battery charged through inductive charging when the brush is on the charging base between uses.

Electric toothbrushes can be classified according to their movements’ frequency (speed) as ordinary, sonic, or ultrasonic electric brushes. Depending on whether they make movements that are below, within, or above the audible range (20-20,000 Hz or 2400 -2,400,000 movements per minute), respectively. 

Types of an electric toothbrush

According to the type of movement they make, electric brushes can be classified into two categories: vibration or oscillatory rotation. A brushing technique similar to that used with a manual toothbrush is recommended when using a vibrating toothbrush. With a brush that makes oscillating rotations, the recommended method for cleaning is to move the toothbrush from tooth to tooth slowly.

Electric toothbrushes can also be classified according to the speed of their movements as ordinary electric brushes, sonic brushes, or ultrasonic brushes. If the brush movements are fast enough to produce a hum in the audible frequency range (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz), the brush can be classified as a sonic brush. Any electric toothbrush that makes movements faster than this limit can be classified as an ultrasonic brush. Certain ultrasonic brushes, such as Megasonex and Ultreo, do both sonic and ultrasonic movements.

1. Sonic toothbrush 

Sonic toothbrushes are a subset of electric toothbrushes with fast enough movements to produce vibrations in the audible range. Most modern rechargeable electric toothbrushes from brands like Sonicare and Oral-B fall into this category. And typically have frequencies ranging from 200 to 400 Hz, which is 12,000-24,000 oscillations or 24,000-48,000 movements per minute. Because sonic toothbrushes rely solely on sweeping movements to clean their teeth, the movements they provide are generally high in amplitude. It means that the length of the sweeping movements they make is long.

2. Ultrasonic toothbrush 

The most recent developments in this area are ultrasonic toothbrushes, which use ultrasonic waves to clean teeth. For a toothbrush to be considered ultrasonic, it must emit a wave at a minimum frequency of 20,000 Hz or 2,400,000 movements per minute. Typically, the US FDA- approved ultrasonic toothbrushes operate at a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which translates to 192 million movements per minute.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes emit vibrations of a very high frequency but low in amplitude. These vibrations break the bacterial chains that are the cause for making up the dental plaque and remove their attachment methods to the tooth surface, up to 5 mm below the gum line. Some ultrasonic brushes, like Emmi-Dent, provide only ultrasound.

Other ultrasonic brushes, such as Ultra and Megasonex, provide additional sonic vibration ranging from 9,000 to 40,000 movements per minute. It is comparable to that of a sonic brush to provide additional sweeping movement, which facilitates the removal of food particles and remains of bacterial chains. However, the sonic vibration in these ultrasonic brushes can be less amplitude than that found in a comparable sonic toothbrush. Because the chains of bacteria do not need to be removed by sonic vibration, simply swept away, as the ultrasound has already broken them.

Due to the similarity between ultrasonic and sonic terms, there is some confusion on the market, and sonic brushes are often mistakenly classified as ultrasonic brushes. A toothbrush operating at a frequency or vibration lower than 2,400,000 movements per minute (20,000 Hz) is a sonic brush. It is called sonic because its operating frequency, for example, 31,000 movements per minute, is within the range of human hearing from about 20 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. Only a brush that emits ultrasound, or the vibration at a higher frequency than the upper limit of human hearing, technically can be called an ultrasonic brush.

Why should you opt for electric toothbrushes?

An electric toothbrush supports brushing teeth by working a motor. Because it can be polished for unequivocal details, it is the most suitable for those who want to start complete oral treatment. It can be recharged for home use, and batteries for on-the-go and various models with different drive systems and functions are also available. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about tooth decay and tooth problems with an electric toothbrush. The other advantages of using an electric toothbrush are as follows:

1. Maintain Clean and Healthy Teeth

This toothbrush helps keep your teeth cleaner and healthier because it has a well-designed toothbrush head that can reach deeper. And more accessible places in the mouth to remove plaque and germs more effectively than regular toothbrushes. Toothbrush heads that rotate with their bristles can exert pressure and movement to reach gaps between the teeth, the inner surface. And areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach to remove food debris, plaque buildup, and tartar. This allows you to reduce your dental problems.

2. Suitable for children and people with reduced mobility

With an electric toothbrush, all you need to do is position the brush at an angle of 45ยบ and let the brush work by itself. An electric toothbrush can be a tool that facilitates daily routines for people who have difficulty using their hands, for example, for the elderly and those who have arthritis. If your dentist finds out that you are not effective enough to clean your mouth and teeth with a manual toothbrush, he or she may advise you to switch to an electric toothbrush.

Moreover, for children who are vulnerable to fuss and lazy to brush their teeth, you can convince them to use an electric toothbrush. Most children rarely brush their teeth just because they are lazy or don’t want to. Electric toothbrushes provide convenience and a pleasant tooth brushing session without having to waste a lot of energy.

3. Rotation Time

This toothbrush is equipped with a rotation time every quarter of the circle to help someone brush their teeth with the right quality time and is recommended by the dentist. Parents who have small children will find this necessary because children are encouraged to brush their teeth in the amount of time set on the toothbrush. So make their teeth clean and fresh without a pile of tartar or deadly plaque. Most adults struggle in the morning. Electric toothbrushes will make them not rush and brush their teeth with the recommended time.

4. The electric power that will clean up everything

Use electrical energy to do all the hard work when using the right amount of pressure and time needed to keep teeth fresh and bright. Sometimes, we may not consciously brush our teeth too hard or let the toothbrush touch only on the surface and make no difference to the tartar collection. None of this will happen if you use an electric toothbrush. 

5. Effectively reduce plaque and gingivitis

Compared to ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are proven to effectively reduce plaque 21 percent more and reduce the risk of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) by 11 percent. In addition, it improves gum health after 3 months of routine use, especially if using an electric toothbrush that uses the rotation oscillation feature.

6. There are a timer and no need to scrub too hard to be cleaner

If you tend to brush your teeth too hard, the risk is that the teeth will be easily damaged. Therefore, an electric toothbrush will make it easier for you to manage the tenderness of the gums and teeth while also cleaning at the same time. Many electric toothbrush products have a built-in timer that automatically stops the brush rotation when time runs out. That way, the risk of brushing too long and too hard, which damages the teeth, will be avoided.

7. Preventing Gum Disease

Applying this toothbrush regularly will help you prevent gingivitis and gum disease. This toothbrush was created to reach all the hard-to-reach teeth and remove food particles. And any tartar which is attached and avoids problems in the mouth before they take root.

8. Fix Mouth Odor Problems

The most common dental problem is bad breath. This electric toothbrush can help fix it. The remaining food that rots and scatters between your teeth is one of the causes of bad breath. Using an electric toothbrush can help fight bad breath. Gingivitis and plaque buildup is also the cause of bad breath. A good brushing with a toothbrush reduces the likelihood of a significant cause of bad breath.

Drawbacks of an electric toothbrush

Though electric toothbrushes have numerous advantages, they also have some drawbacks. The first is related to cost. They are more expensive than conventional toothbrushes, and the durability of the bristles is precisely the same.

That is, every three months, you will need to change these bristles to continue enjoying the benefits of your Electric Toothbrush. It can also be impractical for some situations, such as travel. It is bigger than the regular brush and to use it you need to have a socket nearby.

Another issue must be highlighted: some people may experience discomfort with this brush’s vibratory process. And in such cases, it is not indicated. Take a look at what drawbacks these toothbrushes can have.

1. The cost is enough to drain the bag

To get an electric toothbrush, you are required to spend even more compared to manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrush heads also need to be replaced as often as possible, just like manual toothbrushes. Unfortunately, many of these backup electric toothbrush heads are sold separately. So be prepared to provide additional fees. Electric toothbrushes can also lull you into false success.

You might feel like you’ve brushed better because you spent tens to hundreds of thousands for an electric toothbrush but in reality, not necessarily. What’s more, although the size of an electric toothbrush can be twice as large as an ordinary toothbrush, they are fragile. If you drop the brush or it is damaged for some reason (outside the warranty), the cost of replacing the brush can suffice to make the wallet thinner.

2. Not practical

Electric toothbrushes tend to have larger sizes, making them difficult to store in bags or luggage when traveling. In addition, you also need to provide an emergency backup battery and don’t forget to bring a charger wherever you go with your toothbrush. At home, you must first charge the brush battery before you can use it, or instead, your toothbrush is not a wireless version and requires you to plug it in the nearest electric outlet.

3. Increase the number of bacteria in the blood

Several studies have found that using an electric toothbrush can increase the number of bacteria in the bloodstream, surpassing manual toothbrushes. Of course, this will not pose a risk to people who are healthy and have excellent immunity. But, it can increase the chance of getting potentially dangerous heart infections for people who have certain heart conditions.

How to choose the best electric toothbrush?

When you purchase an electric toothbrush, you need to check because models are equipped with convenient functions such as automatically stopping in two minutes. And inform you about the right time to brush your teeth. In addition, some features may be available in some while unavailable in others. So here are some points that you must consider before buying an electric toothbrush.

1. Choose the size of the head and body

There are differences in the size of the head at the manufacturer etc., and it is essential to choose an electric toothbrush according to the size of the mouth and teeth. If the head is large, it can polish a large area, but it is difficult to reach the back teeth. In addition, if you choose a smaller head, like the one with a small chin, it can cover a lesser area, but it can reach the back teeth easily. At the same time, let’s also check the body size. The hand gets tired if it is a large, heavy model, such as people who have it to pinch it, children, and women, etc. Because it is an item that is often used, a light model is recommended.

2. Brush type

When choosing an electric toothbrush, check the type of attached brush and optional brush. If you are worried about colored stains such as coffee or wine, use a stain brush. For those who are concerned about dental health, models that come with brushes to remove plaque and gum care are also sold. 

3. Smartphone support

The electric toothbrush also should support Bluetooth connection, a model that can work with a smartphone comfortably. Several models are available that can examine brushes with sensors built into an electric toothbrush and models equipped with the ability to prevent brushes from being pressed too much with anti-pressing sensors. If you have children at home, check the children’s electric toothbrush equipped with a smartphone linkage function. The feature will teach you how to polish, and you can brush your teeth like a game, and it will help you with proper oral care.

4. Look for products with sonic vibration frequencies

Electric toothbrushes are divided into two types, namely those that have sonic and ultrasonic vibrations. Both add frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear, making it possible to increase vibrations in large numbers.

Electric toothbrushes with ultrasonic vibrations have more amount of beats than sonic toothbrushes. Sonic vibrations have a characteristic sound that is higher when the number of vibrations increases. The movement of the brush head also increases slowly so that it is easier to clean the dirt. 

5. Check the shape of the toothbrush and its replacement parts

The shape and size of the brush head will significantly affect the comfort of its use. So, pay close attention to this point. A brush type with a flat surface will allow you to brush all parts of your teeth evenly. However, to brush cleanly into the cracks of teeth, it is recommended that you choose a tapered brush model. In addition, the smaller the brush head, the easier it is to reach the back teeth. You can also clean the dirt on your teeth without having to open your mouth wide.

It is also important to consider whether the toothbrush is equipped with a replacement brush head for durable use. So, it’s a good idea to check the availability of a replacement brush head before buying a product.

6. Choose the quiet function feature that is more convenient for traveling

When using a portable electric toothbrush, perhaps you are worried that the noise caused by a toothbrush will interfere. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an electric toothbrush that has a quiet function. This feature can reduce sound vibration so that you can use the toothbrush in the office or other public places. However, many products do not mention this feature.

What is a toothbrush holder?

The toothbrush holder is an indispensable accessory in any bathroom. In addition to being an essential product for the proper maintenance of the toothbrush, it also enhances the decoration of rooms of all styles. Positioning the product next to the sink is a way to keep your brush close at hand. In addition, toothbrush holders help keep the bathroom organized. Available in several models and designs, using them is a simple and affordable way to bring more style to the decor. 

Electric Toothbrush Holder Image

Why Use a Toothbrush Holder?

It is almost certain to find a single jar over the bathroom sink housing all family members’ toothbrushes in most homes. Practical and seemingly harmless, the custom is a health hazard. Germs housed in the bristles of a brush can migrate to neighboring brushes, increasing the risk of transmitting diseases such as flu and other viruses. The correct thing, therefore, is to store the objects separately.

Even collective containers with several openings, one for each toothbrush, preventing contact between them should not be used. This is because bacteria and viruses are impregnated in the bristles and suspended in the air around them, which allows the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. Bacteria that live in balance in the mouth do not cause harm but, transmitted to the toothbrush, form colonies and become potentially dangerous.

As a result, we often suffer from diseases that we don’t even know how we get. The explanation may be in this object, which brings to a series of germs associated with health problems. Keeping the toothbrush free of bacteria, viruses, and fungi prevents various diseases, including hepatitis, gingivitis, and periodontitis. However, if they manage to penetrate capillaries and enter the bloodstream, some of these microorganisms can reach the heart, causing bacterial endocarditis, an infection that can kill.

Storing the toothbrush correctly is an essential aspect of maintaining our oral health. Experts recommend that the brush be kept upright in an airy and properly sanitized environment. When we keep the brush in a closed and humid place, we create an ideal environment for its contamination. The heat, humidity, and poor air circulation favor the proliferation of microorganisms harmful to health.

The toothbrush holder is the perfect product to store your toothbrush. In addition to allowing it to dry properly, the accessory contributes to the organization of the room. When it comes to decoration, using toothbrush holders on the sink countertop is a simple and economical way to explore elements such as color, texture, and materials in ambiance. The diversity of toothbrush holder styles gives the product the potential to impact your bathroom decor simply and economically. With the small tool, you can make a big difference:

  • The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the household and can quickly look untidy. The toothbrush holder is the perfect solution.
  • In addition, keep your toothbrush or brush heads as hygienic as possible and use them for a long time.
  • Unpopular toothpaste stains on the edge of the sink can be avoided.
  • On the other hand, the toothbrush bristles do not touch (as can be the case if you use a cup for several toothbrushes).
  • In addition, the toothbrush dries faster in the air than in a case or if you keep it lying flat.

What toothbrush holders are there in the market?

Numerous toothbrush holders are available on the market. Consumers can choose between different shapes, colors, and materials of toothbrush holders. Some models have been provided with a suction cup and can, therefore, be easily attached to the bathroom wall. Cleaning the toothbrush holder is easy and can be done with a cloth and some water.

There are also special cleaning agents on the market that can be used to clean the toothbrush holders. High-quality toothbrush holders are made of sturdy stainless steel and are characterized by their modern and high-quality design. The articles are regularly renewed and come in different shapes and colors on the market. Toothbrush holders can be purchased for normal toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes.

Toothbrush holder for children

Special toothbrush holders for children are available. With these articles, children can quickly put their toothbrushes down after brushing their teeth and learn to take care of their oral hygiene. The products are available in bright colors and modern shapes and can be purchased online or in specialist shops. With child-friendly toothbrush holders, children are encouraged to brush their teeth regularly. In addition, the daily routine of brushing their teeth will be an enjoyable affair that they can no longer avoid.

Toothbrush holder for electric toothbrushes

TV advertising, good experiences, and advice from the dentist mean that most people now use electric toothbrushes. The toothbrush holder for the electric toothbrush is ideal for practical and hygienic storage. Before you buy, you have to check which manufacturer and which model it is. Sometimes the toothbrush holder with an electric toothbrush is already included. If this is not the case, these can be purchased inexpensively from brand manufacturers. Online, prices are usually even cheaper compared to specialist shops.

What to consider while buying electric toothbrush holder?

Electric toothbrushes in particular already come with a charging station, which often doesn’t look very good. In addition, as soon as several people in your household have an electric toothbrush plus charging station, this can quickly look messy. Therefore, you need to have an electric toothbrush holder both for aesthetic and hygienic points of view. Here are some points that you need to consider while purchasing a toothbrush holder for your electric toothbrushes. 

1. The decorative assembly of the toothbrush holder for the plug-in toothbrush

The choice of models influences whether the toothbrush holders find their place in a bathroom with children or serve as accessories for the bathroom. Bright colors with suction cups or stainless steel suction cups can be fixed on tiles without leaving any traces. The electric toothbrush attachments can be stored clearly in them. They naturally dry out well through the air and are always at hand. When buying the stainless steel suction cup for the plug-in toothbrush, care must be taken to be compatible with the existing electric toothbrush.

2. Buy a 2-head bracket online

Accumulation of water is avoided with the use of the 2-head holder. This variant of the toothbrush holder is predestined for a 2-person household or a single household. The 2-head bracket is available very cheaply online. The electric toothbrushes are usually delivered on a stand. But in the immediate vicinity, there must be a socket for charging. 

3. Should be simple and practical

The suitable electric toothbrush holder should be in a modern design, relatively simple but practical, and should offer an electric toothbrush, two brush heads, and a toothpaste tube. It should be such that you don’t have to drill or glue to hang or place your holder in place. It should be easy to drain and easily attachable to the wall, mirror, tile, glass, and other smooth surfaces. It should be free to change storage and location, easy to disassemble and clean.

4. Availability of guarantee

In most cases, the two-year warranty period is considered optimal for a toothbrush holder. However, they tend to lose their quality over time. Replacing the old toothbrush holder with a new one is a much better option than a lifetime premium warranty.

5. Toothbrush holders for children

Children’s toothbrush holders are often in the form of funny animals or heroes from their favorite cartoons. In general, it should be something very bright and catch the baby’s attention. This is the only way you can interest the growing generation and start brushing their teeth every day.

At the same time, the bases must be made of high-quality materials that do not emit and do not contain any harmful substances since it is likely that this object will be tried on the tooth. In addition, the stand should not have any sharp corners and edges or small, easily detachable elements.

6. Toothbrush holder with a sterilizing effect

Daily cleaning of the teeth ensures hygiene in the oral cavity only if the brush contains no germs. It should be noted that this is almost impossible because the bristles constantly get wet, so that whole colonies of bacteria develop. Toothbrush holders with a sterilizing effect will help. Indeed, such a device is a type of medical device in which ultraviolet rays disinfect the bristles.

7. Holder of multifunctionality

The ideal toothbrush holder should be multifunctional by being the toothbrush holder and being an elegant decoration for the bathroom. And it should hold toothbrushes and razors and any accessories. It should be usable in all parts of the house, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom.

8. Compare before buying your next brush holder

Before purchasing a holder for your toothbrush, don’t forget to compare the different models of toothbrush holders online. By comparison, you can easily see which of these is the most purchased, the one with the best opinions. It gives you an idea about the product, but you can also see the price, see if it is on sale, and have free shipping. So at a glance, you can make a decision and choose the product that best suits you both for price and quality.

9. Capacity

How many toothbrushes do you have in the bathroom? Do you live alone? As a couple or are you a large family? Depending on the number of components in the home and the number of toothbrushes in use, you will need a toothbrush holder that can hold many or a few toothbrushes. For example, if you have five toothbrushes, you could choose the best toothbrush holders containing this number of units.

However, note that a slightly larger toothbrush holder, able to accommodate more toothbrushes, could always be helpful. For example, consider the presence of one or more guests in the house for a few days, in which case they will know where to put their toothbrushes.

10. Material

We can choose the best toothbrush holders from different materials. The most used are plastic and stainless steel. Plastic is a cheaper material, it could turn yellow over time, and in the event of a fall, it could even split. While holders are made from metal instead, stainless steel is a more resistant material, capable of lasting for many years, but It also makes the toothbrush holder more expensive to buy.

11. Design

We can choose the best toothbrush holders with different designs. To find the right toothbrush holder, make sure that it matches the style and furniture of your bathroom, both in terms of shapes and colors. Some toothbrush holders can also integrate an open and close cover to avoid any toothbrush contact with dust as much as possible. Toothbrush holders that are for classic, electric models or brush heads differ in shape and design.

Some products are glass-shaped which can contain one or more brushes, with or without compartments. The compartments help separate toothbrushes and toothpaste but at the same time for being more hygienic. Still, others are rectangular, with animal shapes suitable for children; others are one with the soap dispenser. You can choose mobile, suction cup, or toothbrush holder models with or without a toothpaste dispenser.

In addition to having the toothpaste dispenser, some multifunction models also feature UV sterilization.

12. Wall or bench toothbrush holder  

The wall toothbrush holder is mounted as the name suggests on the wall and has different spaces to hang the various toothbrushes. In this way, they will be kept away from germs and bacteria. Some models of wall-mounted toothbrush holders can also integrate a toothpaste dispenser and a soap dispenser. Then we have the bench toothbrush holders, which are generally designed to be placed on a bathroom shelf or one side of the sink. Choose the type of toothbrush holder that you find most comfortable to use and that best matches your bathroom style.

13. Cost 

As with any item, toothbrush holders can be purchased at different prices, lower or higher. The price of the toothbrush holder varies according to several factors such as brand, material (a plastic toothbrush holder will cost much less than silver and ceramic one), accessories, and multifunction. Mainly, to make the right purchase, consider the number of toothbrushes that the toothbrush holder must contain and the construction material with which you would like this to be built. Then proceed to choose the best toothbrush holders considering the expense you want to face. 

14. The toothbrush holder, the soap dish, and the liquid soap dispenser three in one and coordination

Toothbrush holder, soap dish, and liquid soap dispenser are accessories universally present near the washbasin of any bathroom in the world. Choosing three coordinated elements characterized by the same style, material, and color, undoubtedly guarantees an elegant effect. Shapes, materials, and shades on the market allow you to find solutions for all tastes. Today, the most popular furnishing elements are those in minimal style, monochrome, and geometric lines, but accessories with floral or marine decorations are timeless.

Among the essential elements to evaluate is that of the space available. In a bathroom with a sink built into a large floor, there will certainly be no lack of surfaces where to place a generously sized toothbrush and soap dish. Conversely, in smaller bathrooms, it is good to optimize the spaces, for example, by choosing the wall-mounted version of these accessories.

15. Type

The type of toothbrush holder is the fundamental point. We all know the difference between the electric and the classic toothbrush. So also, for toothbrush holders, we have to differentiate between an Electric toothbrush holder and a Traditional toothbrush holder.

The classic toothbrush holder is undoubtedly more suitable for a family because it allows you to group the toothbrushes in a single container. In addition, you can also choose it based on the rest of the bathroom furniture. The electric toothbrush holder is usually a base that carries one or a maximum of two electric toothbrushes and some heads. Among the best known and bestsellers, the oral b toothbrush holders are usually recommended.

16. Use

Another important factor is knowing how to use it. We are often away from home, so a travel toothbrush holder, or a travel case for the toothbrush, is the product we need. If otherwise a home product is required, the design is the factor to be controlled.

17. Materials

In this regard, it is possible to choose between different materials:

  • plastic
  • stainless steel
  • ceramic
  • wood and bamboo
  • brass, copper, silver
  • glass
  • Resin

18. Head holder

The head holder models currently on the market are different, but most of them are made up of a container in which it is possible to store both the electric toothbrush. And the heads, so that everything remains in order and within reach. The most used material for this type of object is plastic, which can be transparent and colored.

If you leave the head holder visible, perhaps on a shelf or a bathroom shelf, also consider the design, color, and shape more or less original of the same so that it can function almost as a small piece of furniture, pleasant to look at and which makes the bathroom more welcoming.


Electric toothbrushes are widely used and popular nowadays, so it is a must that you maintain the health of the brush for it to last long. That’s where the brush holder plays the part. With the above tips, you can purchase the best brush holder for your toothbrush and made it last long and stay hygienic at the same time. 

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